Intercultural Communication between Chinese and French

Intercultural Communication between Chinese and French

Lihua Zheng

When two people from different cultures meet, they both

act in accordance with what is self-evident, that is to say

natural, to them, The only problem is that the what is selfevident

to some may not coincide with what is self-evident

to others. Also, as people have a tendency to consider their

way as going without saying or as universal, when others do

not act in the same way as they do and there is conflict, they

get easily annoyed. As a French businessman in China once

cried out « The Chinese ask me if I eat snake. I say to them:

‘I do not eat snake, but swallow insults every day’ ». In fact,

in intercultural contacts, when people seem strange to others,

often, it is perhaps not that they are strange, but because

others judge their behaviour with their own cultural criteria.

Every culture has its own behavioural logic. However, the logic

of some does not correspond to that of others. Individuals

often have the same objectives, but to reach them, they take

different cultural paths.

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